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Program Requirements

Chemical Dependency Counseling: Certificate

Minimum Credits for Graduation: 26

Printable Worksheet (pdf)

Chemical Dependency Counseling

Course Credits Schedule
Minimum Total Semester Credits 26  
CDSC101, Introduction to Chemical Dependency Counseling*
3 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
CDSC200, Chemical Dependency Field Work I*
4 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
CDSC201, Counseling Theories & Interventions I
3 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
CDSC220, Chemical Dependency Field Work II
4 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
CDSC225, Counseling Theories & Interventions II*
3 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
HLTH207, Drug Studies
3 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
HLTH208, Alcohol and Alcoholism
3 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi
PSYC103, Introduction to Psychology
3 Sp, Su, Fa, Wi

A "C" or better grade is required in CDSC 101, CDSC 200 and CDSC 220.

While ENGL 100 and ENGL 101, Academic Writing I and II, are not required, they may be prerequisites for one or more of the program courses.

*Grade of C or better is required