Tompkins Cortland Community College

Student Life

Meal Plan at Tompkins Cortland

The College now offers a student meal plan. Students living in the Residence Halls are required to purchase a minimum number of meals. This will be in addition to the cost of the room. Commuters have the option of purchasing one of several meal plan options.

Meal Plan AdvantagesTC3 Eatery

It’s affordable

The College’s meal plan cost is about 20 percent less than comparable community college, and more than 50 percent less than a typical four-year school.

You’ve got options

Each meal plan has options for weekly meal allowances and “flex” dollars you can use when you want – and you can use them in the TC3 Eatery or the Fireside Café.

Meal Plan Options (2017-2018)

12 meals per week

$1,375 per semester for the semester with $150 Flex

10 meals per week

$1,230 for the semester with $150 Flex

8 meals per week

$1,080 for the Semester with $200 Flex

5 meals per week – COMMUTER ONLY

$690 for the semester with $100 Flex

Note: Campus housing students are required to purchase an 8-, 10-, or 12-meal plan.