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Recruiting Class Includes Athletic Guards

Head Coach Rich Echevarria has announced part of his class of incoming recruits, and a pair of athletic guards lead the way.

Basketball recruit Anthony Blackmon signing his letter of intent to play at Tompkins Cortland

Anthony Blackmon signed with the Panthers out of Longwood High on Long Island. "Anthony is high-character young man who comes from a good family. He's strong and athletic, and has a good feel for the game on both ends of the court," said Coach Echevarria. "He does some things defensively that you can't teach, so we're excited about what brings to the table. He’s going to look good in a Panthers uniform."

Basketball recruit Javon Lawrence signing his letter of intent to play at Tompkins Cortland

Javon Lawrence comes to Tompkins Cortland out of Samuel Gompers High School in the Bronx, where he was a double-digit scorer and nearly a double-digit rebounder. "Javon is another strong, physical guard who can rebound well for his size. He has a good mid-range game and is very dangerous in the open floor," said Coach Echevarria. "We’re looking for him to do some things for us defensively that gets him out into the open court to take advantage of his athleticism."

Williams Voted All-Region

March 31, 2016

Kevin Williams, All-Region

Tompkins Cortland Community College men's basketball player Kevin Williams (Benjamin Banneker H.S./Brooklyn) has been named to the NJCAA Region III All-Region team. The sophomore was voted to the third team by coaches in the region.

Williams, who was also named all-conference by coaches in the Mid-State Athletic Conference, led the Panthers in points and rebounds. He was a double-double machine, posting a double-double in 16 of 24 games. His season average of 16.9 points per game was the fifth best in the region, and his 11.2 rebounds per game was second best in the region. He was also fifth best in the region leaders in blocked shots, swatting away 32.

This marks the 13th time a Panthers men’s basketball player has been named to an all-region team.

Williams Named All-MSAC

February 22, 2016

Panther All-MSAC

Tompkins Cortland Community College sophomore Kevin Williams (Benjamin Banneker H.S./Brooklyn) has been named to the Mid-State Athletic Conference men’s basketball all-conference team. A total of ten players are chosen to the team, with voting by the coaches from the seven colleges in the conference. This marks the ninth straight year the Panthers have been represented on the all-conference team.

Williams led the conference in rebounding and was in the top five in scoring. He averaged a double-double with 17.5 points and 11.7 rebounds per MSAC game and was among the conference leaders in steals at 1.6 per game and blocks at 1.3 per game. He ended the season with the third most rebounds in a single season in the College’s history, and finished his career second on the all-time rebounds list.


No. Name Pos. Year Ht. Wt. High School/Hometown

Statistics–Men's Basketball

Men's Basketball

2016-17 Season

Overall (0-0)
MSAC (0-0), Region III (0-0)


Previous Seasons










Team Records

Most Wins

21 (2009-10)
17 (2007-08)
16 (2003-04)

Most Consecutive Wins (Season)

8 (2007-08)
8 (2009-10)
5 (2010-11)
5 (2011-12)
5 (2009-10)

Best Winning Percentage (Season)

.778 (2009-10)
.586 (2007-08)
.552 (2003-04)

Most Points Scored (Game)

132 (vs. Ithaca College JV, 2/22/01)
130 (vs. Jamestown Community College-Cattaraugus, 11/1/07)
127 (vs. Onondaga CC, 1/16/01)

Most Points Scored (Season)

2612 (2000-2001)
2420 (1987-88)
2418 (2003-04)

Best Points Per Game Average

104.5 (2000-2001)
86.4 (1994-95)
86.4 (1987-88)

Biggest Margin of Victory (Game)

58 (vs. Practical Bible College, 1987-88)
55 (vs. Practical Bible College, 11/8/87)
52 (vs. Jefferson CC, 2/10/04)

Fewest Points Allowed (Game)

30 (at Onondaga CC, 12/11/81)
42 (vs. Davis College, 12/9/04)
45 (vs. Herkimer County CC, 11/10/02)

Fewest Points Allowed (Season)

1089 (1978-79)
1286 (1993-94)

Fewest Points Allowed Per Game Average

76.2 (1980-81)
77.1 (2009-10)
77.3 (2003-04)

Most Assists (Game)

40 (vs. Ithaca College JV, 2/22/01)
33 (vs. Jamestown Community College-Cattaraugus, 11/1/07)
31 (vs. North Country CC, 11/23/03)
31 (vs. Finger Lakes CC, 2/3/01)

Most Assists (Season)

553 (2007-08)
550 (1996-97)
515 (2003-04)

Most Rebounds (Game)

64 (vs. Hudson Valley CC, 11/1/09)
63 (vs. Schenectady CCC, 11/7/04)
61 (vs. Jamestown CC-Cattaraugus, 11/1/07)

Most Rebounds (Season)

1237 (2007-08)
1216 (2004-05)
1172 (2009-10)

Most 3-Pointers Made (Game)

20 (vs. Broome CC, 2/8/01)
16 (at Cayuga CC, 1/30/08)
16 (vs. Cayuga CC, 2/1/01)

Most 3-Pointers Made (Season)

282 (2000-2001)
264 (2007-08)
201 (2009-10)

Most Steals (Game)

26 (vs. Cazenovia College JV, 1/22/09)
23 (at Practical Bible College, 12/11/03)
23 (at Erie CC, 12/5/03)
23 (at Corning CC, 2/14/04)

Most Steals (Season)

398 (2003-04)
338 (2009-10)
322 (2007-08)

Most Blocks (Game)

15 (at Practical Bible College, 12/11/03)
15 (at Cayuga CC, 1/6/11)
12 (vs. Cayuga CC, 1/26/11)

Most Blocks (Season)

173 (2010-11)
149 (2004-05)
146 (2011-12)

Most Foul Shots Made (Game)

39 (vs. Corning CC, 2/19/05)
35 (vs. Fulton-Montgomery CC, 11/12/11)
35 (vs. SUNY Morrisville, 11/14/01)

Most Foul Shots Made (Season)

454 (2011-12)
446 (2009-10)
437 (2003-04)

Individual Records - Player

Most Points (Game)

55 Ivan Lewis (vs. Onondaga CC, 2/5/02)
49 Ray Mathis (vs. Onondaga CC, 1989-90)
44 Ivan Lewis (at Cayuga CC, 1/18/01)

Most Points (Season)

767 Ivan Lewis (2000-2001)
689 Jude Princivil (1994-95)
668 Ivan Lewis (2001-02)

Most Points (Career)

1435 Ivan Lewis (2000-2002)
1128 Randall Thomas (2001-02, 2003-04)
1017 Chris Cartwright (2009-10)

Most Points Per Game (Season)

30.7 Ivan Lewis (2000-2001)
28.7 Jude Princivil (1994-95)
27.8 Ivan Lewis (2001-02)

Most Points Per Game (Career)

29.3 Ivan Lewis (2000-2002)
24.2 Jude Princivil (1993-95)
21.3 Randall Thomas (2001-02, 2003-04)

Most Assists (Game)

20 Larry Roberts (vs. Environmental Science & Forestry, 12/10/80)
16 Ryan Davis (vs. Finger Lakes CC, 2/11/00)

Most Assists (Season)

155 Chris Cartwright (2009-10)
154 Joshua Canfield (1996-97)
152 Ryan Davis (2000-2001)

Most Assists (Career)

259 Chris Cartwright (2008-10)
253 Ryan Davis (1999-2001)
212 Sean Anderson (2006-07)

Most Rebounds (Game)

22 Tony Parker (vs. Niagara CCC, 11/29/07)
22 Armel Traore dit Nignan (vs. Onondaga CC, 2/8/05)
21 Josh Delfino (vs. Hudson Valley CC, 11/1/09)

Most Rebounds (Season)

348 Josh Delfino (2009-10)
306 Jude Princivil (1994-95)
267 Tony Parker (2007-08)

Most Rebounds (Career)

515 Armel Traore dit Nignan (2003-05)
432 Jude Princivil (1993-1995)
421 Aaron Wood (1999-2001)

Most 3-Pointers Made (Game)

10 Aaron Wood (vs. Broome CC, 2/8/01)
8 Aaron Wood (at Cayuga CC, 1/18/01)
8 Carl Palmieri (at Cayuga CC, 1/18/00)

Most 3-Pointers Made (Season)

98 Aaron Wood (2000-2001)
80 Bob Goble (1988-89)
76 Eddie Mitchell (2007-08)

Most 3-Pointers Made (Career)

145 Chris Cartwright (2008-10)
145 Aaron Wood (1999-2001)
133 Eddie Mitchell (2006-08)

Most Steals (Game)

9 Gerald Strong (at Corning CC, 2/14/04)
8 Eddie Mitchell (at Columbia-Greene CC, 11/10/07)
8 Gerald Strong (vs. Hudson Valley CC, NJCAA Playoffs, 2/24/04)
8 Randall Thomas (at Finger Lakes CC, 2/2/02)
8 Ryan Davis (at Practical Bible College, 11/16/00)

Most Steals (Season)

103 Randall Thomas (2003-04)
101 Randall Thomas (2001-02)
87 Charleston Collins, Jr. (2009-10)

Most Steals (Career)

204 Randall Thomas (2001-02, 2003-04)
149 Gerald Strong (2002-04)
138 Charleston Collins, Jr. (2008-10)

Most Blocks (Game)

11 Austin Eastman (at Cayuga CC, 1/6/11)
8 Austin Eastman (vs. Broome CC, 1/13/11)
8 Austin Eastman (vs. Cayuga CC, 1/26/11)

Most Blocks (Season)

81 Austin Eastman (2010-11)
57 Josh Delfino (2009-10)
56 Jude Princivil (1994-95)

Most Blocks (Career)

94 Armel Traore dit Nignan (2003-05)
81 Austin Eastman (2010-11)
75 Tyrone Clark (2010-12)

Most Foul Shots Made (Game)

14 Ivan Lewis (vs. SUNY Morrisville, 11/14/01)
14 Aaron Wood (at Corning CC, 1/27/01)
13 Chris Cartwright (vs. Fulton-Montgomery CC, 11/14/09)
13 Melvin Moore (at Corning CC, 1/27/07)

Most Foul Shots Made (Season)

177 Jude Princivil (1994-95)
141 Ivan Lewis (2001-02)
140 Chris Cartwright (2009-10)

Most Foul Shots Made (Career)

276 Ivan Lewis (2000-2002)
233 Jude Princivil (1993-95)
232 Chris Cartwright (2008-10)

Most Consecutive Foul Shots Made

19 Chris Cartwright (2009-10)
18 Jared Martin (2004-05)
18 Carl Palmieri (2000-2001)

Team Playoff Records

Most Points Scored (Playoff Game)

99 (vs. Broome CC, 2/26/10)
95 (vs. Broome CC, 2/21/10)
83 (at Jefferson CC, 2/28/12)
83 (vs. Fulton-Montgomery CC, 2/27/08)

Fewest Points Allowed (Playoff Game)

62 (vs. Finger Lakes CC, 2/20/10)
62 (vs. Mohawk Valley CC, 2/27/04)
65 (at Hudson Valley CC, 2/24/04)

Most Assists (Playoff Game)

21 (vs. Finger Lakes CC, 2/20/10)
19 (vs. Broome CC, 2/26/10)
19 (vs. Broome CC, 2/21/10)

Most Rebounds (Playoff Game)

57 (at Cayuga CC, 2/25/12)
55 (vs. Mohawk Valley CC, 2/27/04)
50 (vs. Finger Lakes CC, 2/20/10)

Most 3-Pointers (Playoff Game)

11 (vs. Fulton-Montgomery CC, 2/27/08)
11 (vs. Finger Lakes CC, 2/20/10)
10 (vs. Mohawk Valley CC, 2/27/10)
10 (at Broome CC, 2/23/08)

Most Steals (Playoff Game)

20 (at Hudson Valley CC, 2/24/04)
12 (vs. Finger Lakes CC, 2/20/10)
12 (vs. Mohawk Valley CC, 2/27/04)
12 (at Cayuga CC, 2/21/04)

Most Blocks (Playoff Game)

9 (vs. Broome CC, 2/21/10)
5 (vs. Herkimer CCC, 3/2/12)
5 (at Cayuga CC, 2/25/12)
5 (vs. Broome CC, 2/26/10)
5 (vs. Mohawk Valley CC, 2/27/04)

Most Foul Shots Made (Playoff Game)

30 (vs. Mohawk Valley CC, 2/27/04)
21 (vs. Broome CC, 2/26/10)
20 (vs. Broome CC, 2/21/10)

Biggest Margin of Victory (Playoff Game)

19 (vs. Broome CC, 2/21/10)
16 (vs. Finger Lakes CC, 2/20/10)
15 (vs. Broome CC, 2/26/10)

Individual Playoff Records

Most Points (Playoff Game)

28, Gerald Strong (at Cayuga CC, 2/21/04)
26, Chris Cartwright (vs. Broome CC, 2/21/10)
24, Greg Mudge (vs. Broome CC, 2/26/10)
24, Sean Anderson (vs. Fulton-Montgomery CC, 2/27/08)

Most Assists (Playoff Game)

7, Tyrone Clark (at Jefferson CC, 2/28/12)
7, Nate Cambridge (at Hudson Valley CC, 2/24/04)
6, Chris Cartwright (vs. Broome CC, 2/26/10)
6, Tynez Wilson (vs. Finger Lakes CC, 2/20/10)
6, Sean Anderson (vs. Fulton-Montgomery CC, 2/27/08)
6, Chris Cartwright (vs. Finger Lakes CC, 2/20/10)

Most Rebounds (Playoff Game)

15, Josh Delfino (vs. Broome CC, 2/21/10)
14, Josh Delfino (vs. Broome CC, 2/26/10)
14, Josh Delfino (vs. Finger Lakes CC, 2/20/10)

Most 3-Pointers (Playoff Game)

6, Greg Mudge (vs. Broome CC, 2/26/10)
6, Chris Cartwright (vs. Finger Lakes CC, 2/20/10)
4, Chris Cartwright (vs. Mohawk Valley CC, 2/27/10)
4, Michael Martin (vs. Broome CC, 2/21/10)
4, Owen Mann (vs. Fulton-Montgomery CC, 2/27/08)

Most Steals (Playoff Game)

8, Gerald Strong (at Hudson Valley CC, 2/24/04)
7, Sean Anderson (vs. Fulton-Montgomery CC, 2/27/08)
4, Charleston Collins, Jr. (vs. Broome CC, 2/26/10)
4, Charleston Collins, Jr. (vs. Finger Lakes CC, 2/20/10)
4, Eddie Mitchell (vs. Fulton-Montgomery CC, 2/27/08)
4, Randall Thomas (at Hudson Valley CC, 2/24/04)
4, Nate Cambridge (at Cayuga CC (NJCAA), 2/21/04)

Most Blocks (Playoff Game)

5, Josh Delfino (vs. Broome CC, 2/21/10)
3, Josh Delfino (vs. Broome CC, 2/26/10)
2, Floyd Leroy (at Jefferson CC, 2/28/12)
2, Josh Delfino (vs. Mohawk Valley CC, 2/27/10)
2, Armel Traore dit Nignan (vs. Cayuga CC, 2/28/04)
2, Armel Traore dit Nignan (vs. Mohawk Valley CC, 2/27/04)
2, Dexter McGrowder (vs. Mohawk Valley CC, 2/27/04)
2, Armel Traore dit Nignan (at Hudson Valley CC, 2/24/04)

Most Foul Shots Made (Playoff Game)

11, Chris Fox (vs. Mohawk Valley CC, 2/27/04)
8, Gerald Strong (vs. Mohawk Valley CC, 2/27/04)
7, Chris Cartwright (vs. Broome CC, 2/26/10)
7, Michael Martin (vs. Broome CC, 2/26/10)
7, Chris Cartwright (vs. Broome CC, 2/21/10)


Total All-American Players

Total All-Region Players

Total All-MSAC Players

Miscellaneous Honors
2011-12: MSAC Final Four, Reg. III Playoffs
2009-10: MSAC Champion, Reg. III Final Four
2007-08: MSAC Final Four, Reg. III Playoffs
2003-04: MSAC Final Four, Reg. III Final Four


Coaches–Men's Basketball

Rich Echevarria

Head Coach

Richard EchevarriaCoach Echevarria enters his third season as head coach after spending three seasons as an assistant on the staff of two MSAC championship teams. He brings great experience both as a player, having played for the Panthers while earning his degree in sport management, and as a coach, having coached on the AAU level and at several camps. He is also an IAABO official, working basketball games on the high school and college level.

As the head coach, Coach Echevarria directs a high-tempo aggressive style of play. He oversees all aspects of the program, while continuing to show his strength in recruiting, strength and fitness training, and defense.


Brian Carroll

Assistant Coach

Brian CarrollThe 2016-17 season marks Coach Carroll's eighth on the bench for the Panthers. He joined the staff after completing his own two-sport college career, playing basketball at SUNY Brockport before transferring to Tompkins Cortland to play baseball. During his time coaching at Tompkins Cortland, Carroll has used his own experience as a standout backcourt player to help coach some of the strongest guards in the region. He brings an understanding of the game from someone who played at a high-level and is extremely valuable in his ability to assist with in-game adjustments.



Record-Setting Season Ends in Semifinal Loss

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The best year in the history of men's basketball at Tompkins Cortland Community College came to an end Saturday in the NJCAA Region III semifinal round as the #3-seed Panthers lost to #2 Mohawk Valley Community College, 77-71. TC3's season ends with a record of 21-6, the best in the College's history. Mohawk Valley, 24-6, will play Herkimer County Community College in the final Sunday.
For the second straight game, the Panthers started slowly. Mohawk Valley scored eight of the first ten points while building a lead that grew to 27-13. After settling down, a 13-2 run, sparked by a three-pointer from Chris Cartwright (Binghamton H.S./Binghamton) and capped by a three from David Cerasani (Otselic Valley H.S./Plymouth), pulled the Panthers to within one at 31-30, but Mohawk Valley scored the final five points of the half to take a 36-30 lead into the break.
Mohawk Valley opened the second half with an 11-0 run, making it 47-30. In a game that featured several runs by each team, a few possessions later a layup by Charleston Collins, Jr. (Corcoran H.S./Syracuse) started a 12-3 spurt to pull TC3 within seven at 52-45 with just over ten minutes left. Mohawk Valley answered with a 13-4 run to move the lead back to double-digits at 65-49 with 6:43 left before TC3 made its final push.
After a pair of possessions without points from either team, TC3's Collins hit a jumper with 4:27 left, followed by a pair of free throws by Greg Mudge (Hunter-Tannersville H.S./Hunter), and a three-pointer and a pair of free throws from Cartwright brought the Panthers to within seven at 67-58 with 3:28 to play. Two Mohawk Valley free throws snapped TC3's string of points at nine before a jumper by Mudge again dropped the margin to seven. After two free throws by Mohawk Valley made it 69-60, Cartwright made one of two free throws that came from a technical foul on a Mohawk Valley player, brining the score to 69-61. A pair of free throws by Josh Delfino (Newfield H.S./Newfield) made it 69-63 with 1:20 left, but two more free throws by Mohawk Valley made it a eight-point lead with 1:13 left. After TC3 turnover, Mohawk Valley made a shot from the field for the first time in over five and a half minutes, making the score 73-63 with a minute left on the clock. The Panthers answered with a long three from Mudge, and after a Mohawk Valley free throw, an even longer three from Jonathan Charette (Fabius-Pompey H.S./Jamesville) made it a five-point game with 38 seconds left. Another Mohawk Valley free throw brought it to six, but a Delfino layup made it 75-71 with 17 seconds left. Two free throws with 12.8 seconds left, pushed the lead back to six, and after a TC3 miss, the final was 77-71.
In the end, TC3 couldn't overcome a poor shooting night, making just 33.3% from the floor, and a decided disadvantage on the boards, getting out-rebounded 50-36. To compound the challenge, while TC3 was making its final run, Mohawk Valley connected on 10 of 12 free throws over the final three minutes to seal the win.
Both Cartwright and Delfino scored 17 points, while Delfino added 14 rebounds. Mudge poured in 15 points and Collins tallied 11 points to go with six rebounds. Tynez Wilson (Union-Endicott H.S./Binghamton) handed out a team-high five assists.

Panthers Advance as Cartwright Reaches 1,000 Career Points

Friday, February 26, 2010

On the day Chris Cartwright (Binghamton H.S./Binghamton) scored the 1,000th point in his career, the Tompkins Cortland Community College men's basketball beat Broome Community College for the fourth time this season, 99-84, to advance to the NJCAA Region III Final Four. TC3, the #3 seed, improves to 21-5 while Broome, the #6 seed, ends the season 17-11. TC3 will play #2 Mohawk Valley Community College, a 72-56 winner over #10 Fulton-Montgomery Community College in another quarterfinal, at 3 p.m. Saturday.
The Panthers started slowly, falling behind 11-4 in the early minutes before scoring six straight to pull within one at 11-10. Broome retained the lead until 10:47 left in the half, when Cartwright completed a three-point play to tie the score at 20-20. The Panthers enjoyed the lead for the first time 30 seconds later, when Greg Mudge (Hunter-Tannersville H.S./Hunter) came off the bench and drained a three-pointer the first time he touched the ball. After Broome came back to lead 28-27, a layup by Mudge put the Panthers up 29-28 and started a 9-0 run that gave TC3 its biggest lead of the half at 36-28. TC3 held the lead the rest of the half, settling in at 46-41 at the half.
The two teams traded baskets most of the first ten minutes of the second half, with TC3's lead peaking at eight points and getting as small as a single point at 71-70 after a Broome three-point play with 9:40 left. Five straight TC3 points over the next 90 seconds pushed the lead back to five at 75-70 before TC3 started to pull away. A 10-4 run that included Mudge's sixth three-pointer of the game made it 93-79 with 2:46 left, essentially ending the game as Broome never challenged the rest of the way.
In the closing minutes, Cartwright connected on a three-pointer, giving him 18 points on the night and exactly 1,000 for his career. The sophomore becomes just the third player in TC3 history to reach the 1,000-point mark, and he did it on the night that he also moved into first on the TC3 career assists list. He dished out six assists against Broome, giving him 255 for his career, two more than Ryan Davis had from 1999-2001.
Mudge led several strong performances with 24 points. Josh Delfino (Newfield H.S./Newfield) posted yet another double-double with 12 points and 14 rebounds to go with three assists, three blocks, and two steals. Charleston Collins, Jr. (Corcoran H.S./Syracuse) was huge with 21 points, eight rebounds, four steals, two assists, and two blocks. Michael Martin (Spencer-Van Etten H.S./Spencer) added 14 points, and eight rebounds while Tynez Wilson (Union-Endicott H.S./Binghamton) chipped in with eight points, five assists three rebounds, and two steals.

Panthers Claim First-Ever MSAC Title

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The best season in the history of men's basketball at Tompkins Cortland Community College got even better Sunday. The Panthers, already the Mid-State Athletic Conference regular-season champions, added the conference tournament title with a 95-76 win over Broome Community College. TC3 improves to 20-5 while Broome drops to 17-10.
The game opened with Michael Martin (Spencer-Van Etten H.S./Spencer) draining a three-pointer for the first points. After Broome took a 6-5 lead, TC3 scored seven straight, capped by another three-pointer by Martin to lead 12-6 five minutes into the game. After Broome came back to pull within one at 16-15, TC3 slowly began to pull away, moving to a 31-26 advantage with 5:14 left in the half. An 11-1 run, powered by a pair of three-pointers by Chris Cartwright (Binghamton H.S./Binghamton) and another three from Greg Mudge (Hunter-Tannersville H.S./Hunter), put TC3 up 42-27 before Broome scored the final seven points of the half to make it 42-34 at the break.
The second half saw TC3 control the lead the entire way, starting to pull away in the middle of the half. A pair of free throws and a three-point play from Cartwright put the lead at 65-50 before a 7-2 run gave the home team an 18-point cushion. The margin hovered within a few points of 20 the rest of the way, peaking at 25 points before settling in at the 95-76 final.
Cartwright led all scorers with 26 points, earning a share of the tournament MVP honors with Tynez Wilson (Union-Endicott H.S./Binghamton), who finished with eight points, four rebounds, four assists, and three steals. Josh Delfino (Newfield H.S./Newfield) was huge with 11 points and 15 rebounds, setting a new school record both for rebounds in the playoff game and for the season. He added five blocks, also a playoff record. Martin had 16 points and seven rebounds while Charleston Collins, Jr. (Corcoran H.S./Syracuse) had another big game with 14 points and eight rebounds. Mudge added 12 points, giving the Panthers five scorers in double figures.

Panthers Advance to MSAC Title Game

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A hot-shooting first half was enough to power the TC3 men's basketball team to a 78-62 win over Finger Lakes Community College in a Mid-State Athletic Conference tournament Saturday. TC3, the #1 seed and host of the MSAC tournament, improves to 19-5 on the season while Finger Lakes, the #4 seed, finishes the year at 12-17. TC3 will now play #2 Broome Community College in the championship game Sunday at 1 p.m. Broome, the #2 seed, topped #3 Onondaga Community College 87-75 in Saturday's other semifinal game.
Chris Cartwright (Binghamton H.S./Binghamton) opened Saturday's game with three three-pointers as part of a 11-2 run that put TC3 up 13-4 three minutes into the game. The led grew most of the half, peaking at 33-13 on a layup by Charleston Collins, Jr. (Corcoran H.S./Syracuse) with just under seven minutes on the clock. The half ended with TC3 up 43-25 after connecting on 50% of its shots from the floor, including making 47.1% from three-point range.
The home team cooled down in the second half, but a lay-up by Josh Delfino (Newfield H.S./Newfield) with 15:01 left to play made the lead 55-32. A decided advantage on the boards helped the Panthers cruise the rest of the way. For the game, TC3 out-rebounded Finger Lakes 50-39, with the Panthers grabbing 23 offensive boards.
Cartwright led the way with 22 points, including 18 on six three-pointers. David Cerasani (Otselic Valley H.S./Plymouth) provided plenty of offense off the bench with 17 points, while Collins and Delfino each narrowly missed double-doubles. Collins finished with 12 points and eight rebounds while Delfino posted 14 rebounds and nine points. Cartwright and Tynez Wilson (Union-Endicott H.S./Binghamton) each handed out six assists on the day.

Panthers Drop Regular Season Finale

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The TC3 men's basketball team dropped its regular season finale Tuesday, losing at Onondaga Community College 92-89. TC3 ends the regular season with a record of 18-5 and 10-2 in the Mid-State Athletic Conference while Onondaga improves to 10-18 and 5-6 in the MSAC. Despite the loss, TC3 still finished the regular season with the best record in the MSAC and will host the conference tournament this weekend. The first semifinal Saturday will be at 2 p.m. with #2 Broome Community College taking on #3 Onondaga. Top-seeded TC3 will take on #4 Finger Lakes Community College in the second semifinal, expected to start at about 4:30 p.m.
Six Panthers scored in double figures Tuesday, led by Chris Cartwright's (Binghamton H.S./Binghamton) 18 points. Charleston Collins, Jr. (Corcoran H.S./Syracuse) followed with 16 points with Jonathon Charette (Fabius-Pompey H.S./Jamesville) at 14 points. Josh Delfino (Newfield H.S./Newfield) recorded a double-double of 13 points and 13 rebounds while Michael Martin (Spencer-Van Etten H.S./Spencer) and Greg Mudge (Hunter-Tannersville H.S./Hunter) finished with 13 and 10 points, respectively.

All Ten Panthers Score in Win

Sunday, February 14, 2010

All ten Panthers scored and four reached double figures as the TC3 men's basketball team topped Clinton Community College 82-64 in a non-league game Sunday. TC3 improves to 18-4 while Clinton Community College drops to 3-17.
Trailing 9-7 early, the Panthers went on an 18-4 run with five different players scoring to take a 25-13 lead midway through the first half. After Clinton pulled within single digits at 29-20, Josh Delfino (Newfield H.S./Newfield) started a 10-2 run that put TC3 firmly in control. The lead stood at 46-28 at the half, with Greg Mudge (Hunter-Tannersville H.S./Hunter) pouring in 14 points in the first twenty minutes to pace the team.
TC3's lead quickly grew above 20 early in the second half and grew to 29 midway through the half before settling in at the 82-64 final.
Mudge led all scorers with 18 points, followed by Chris Cartwright (Binghamton H.S./Binghamton) and Michael Martin (Spencer-Van Etten H.S./Spencer) with 16 points each. Delfino added 10 points and seven boards. Martin grabbed a team-high eight rebounds while Cartwright dished out five assists. Clinton was led by Justin Vice with 14 points.
TC3 plays at Onondaga Community College Tuesday in the team's regular-season finale. The Panthers host the Mid-State Athletic Conference tournament starting Saturday, February 20.

Panthers Roll to 88-72 Win

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A big night from Josh Delfino (Newfield H.S./Newfield) led the way as the TC3 men's basketball team rolled past Corning Community College Thursday, 88-72. The Panthers are now 17-4 overall and 10-1 in the Mid-State Athletic Conference. With the loss, Corning is now 8-16 overall and 3-7 in the MSAC.
TC3 scored the first seven points of the game on a layup by Charleston Collins, Jr. (Corcoran H.S./Syracuse), a dunk by Delfino, and a three-pointer by Michael Martin (Spencer-Van Etten H.S./Spencer). After Corning cut the lead down to one at 11-10 and then again at 20-19, TC3 went on a 14-2 run to take control. The Panthers led 38-27 heading into the break, and after Corning opened the second half by pulling to within nine, the home re-established the double figure lead for the rest of the game.
Delfino finished with 26 points and 14 rebounds for his 16th double-double of the season. Martin connected on five three-pointers while scoring 18 points and grabbing eight boards. Collins just missed a double-double with 13 points and nine rebounds. Chris Cartwright (Binghamton H.S./Binghamton) chipped in with 12 points, six rebounds and six assists. Tynez Wilson (Union-Endicott H.S./Binghamton) tied for the team led with six assists.
Mike Backer led Corning with 17 points.
TC3 hosts Clinton Community College in a non-conference game Sunday at 2 p.m.

Panthers Clinch Top Seed in MSAC Playoffs

Saturday, February 06, 2010

The TC3 men's basketball team clinched the top seed in the Mid-State Athletic Conference playoffs with an 88-77 win over Broome Community College Saturday. The Panthers improve to 16-4 overall and 9-1 in the MSAC. Broome, the second-place team in the conference, drops to 14-8 overall and 6-3 in the MSAC.
The Panthers never trailed in the game, but the final wasn't decided until the closing minutes. TC3 jumped to an early lead, using three-pointers from Michael Martin (Spencer-Van Etten H.S./Spencer) and Chris Cartwright (Binghamton H.S./Binghamton) in the opening possessions to set the tone. The first-half lead was as large as seven points before settling at five at the break.
The second half opened with TC3 moving to a nine-point lead at 56-47 before the visiting Hornets started to climb back. Broome completed the comeback with 7:45 left in the half, tying the game at 67-67. After each team had unsuccessful possessions, TC3's Charleston Collins, Jr. (Corcoran H.S./Syracuse) put the Panthers back on top with a pair of free throws. The game remained close, with TC3 still up by one at 74-73 with 3:16 left. Over the next two minutes, TC3's defense held the Hornets scoreless and Martin and Cartwright combined to go 6-for-6 from the free throw line to move TC3 ahead 80-73. The Panthers continued their clutch shooting from the line by making 4-of-5 over the final 1:11 to put the game away.
Cartwright led TC3 with 25 points and eight assists. Martin posted a double-double of 16 points and 10 rebounds while Josh Delfino (Newfield H.S./Newfield) and Collins each came up just short: Delfino posted 20 points and nine rebounds and Collins finished with 18 points and nine rebounds. Tynez Wilson (Union-Endicott H.S./Binghamton) chipped in with seven rebounds, six assists, and five steals.
Broome was led by Matt Mullins with 23 points.
TC3 hosts Corning Community College Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Win Streak Snapped

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

For the first time in nearly two months, the TC3 men's basketball team lost Wednesday. The Panthers fell at Jefferson Community College 80-69 to snap an eight-game winning streak that dates back to December 5. The Panthers, ranked fifth in the nation, drops to 15-4 overall and 8-1 in the Mid-State Athletic Conference. Jefferson improves to 9-14 overall and 3-6 in the MSAC.
After taking a 47-44 lead into the half, the Panthers couldn't keep up in the second half. Greg Mudge (Hunter-Tannersville H.S./Hunter) led TC3 with 16 points, followed by 14 points from David Cerasani (Otselic Valley H.S./Plymouth). Josh Delfino (Newfield H.S./Newfield) added 13 for TC3.
TC3, still in first place in the MSAC, hosts second-place Broome Community College Saturday at 1 p.m.

Panthers Roll to Win over FLCC

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Points from every player on the team helped the TC3 men's basketball team coast to a 91-78 win over Finger Lakes Community College Saturday. The win is TC3's eighth straight as the Panthers are now 15-3 overall and 8-0 in the Mid-State Athletic Conference. Finger Lakes falls to 8-13 overall and 4-4 in the MSAC.
A basket from Greg Mudge (Hunter-Tannersville H.S./Hunter) tied the game at 8-8 early, starting a 10-0 run that set the tone for the day. The margin grew to 41-26 in the closing moments of the half, and ended the half at 44-30 when Chris Cartwright (Binghamton H.S./Binghamton) banked in a three-pointer at the buzzer.
The Panthers opened the second half with an 18-5 run, to put the game away, eventually leading by 30 at 73-43 with 11 minutes left. The final was never in doubt the rest of the way, as the Panthers kept the lead above 20 until the closing minutes.
Josh Delfino (Newfield H.S./Newfield) posted yet another double-double with 21 points and 14 rebounds. Cartwright finished with 20 points and six assists and Charleston Collins, Jr. (Corcoran H.S./Syracuse) came in with 11 points. Tynez Wilson (Union-Endicott H.S./Binghamton) posted a spectacular line of ten points, nine rebounds, seven assists, and three steals.
TC3 plays at Jefferson Community College Wednesday.

Panthers Survive at Cayuga

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Clutch free-throw shooting by Michael Martin (Spencer-Van Etten H.S./Spencer) and Chris Cartwright (Binghamton H.S./Binghamton) helped the TC3 men's basketball team survive a scare Wednesday, winning 78-76 in overtime at Cayuga Community College. TC3 improves to 14-3 overall and 7-0 in the Mid-State Athletic Conference while Cayuga falls to 6-15 overall and 2-5 in the MSAC.
TC3 trailed 37-29 at the half, and stood ten back at 43-33 with 14:16 left in regulation. A 14-2 run capped by a pair of Martin free throws gave the Panthers the lead at 47-45 with 9:40 to go. The visitors held a small lead until the final minute of regulation. After Martin put the Panthers up 65-62 with a pair of free throws in the closing minute, Cayuga converted a pair from the line to pull within one. Jonathon Charette (Fabius-Pompey H.S./Jamesville) made 1-of-2 free throws to give TC3 a 66-64 led with 15.8 seconds left, but the Spartans forced overtime with a basket in the closing moments of regulation.
Cayuga opened the scoring in the extra period, but TC3 responded with a layup from Cartwright and a pair of free throws Charleston Collins, Jr. (Corcoran H.S./Syracuse) to go up 70-68. The lead changed hands four more times, with TC3 erasing Cayuga's final advantage with a pair of Cartwright free throws to make it 74-74 with just over a minute left. After a steal and basket by Charette gave TC3 the lead, Cayuga tied the game with 16.7 second left. The Panthers broke the Cayuga pressure, with Martin making a strong move to the basket and drawing a foul with 5.7 seconds left. The sophomore nailed both free throws, and when Cayuga's final shot missed its target, the Panthers had the 78-76 win.
Josh Delfino (Newfield H.S./Newfield) posted a double-double of 12 points and 19 rebounds with seven blocked shots. Collins led the Panthers in scoring with 17, with Cartwright next at 15. Greg Mudge (Hunter-Tannersville H.S./Hunter) scored 12 while Martin finished with 11.
TC3 hosts Finger Lakes Community College Saturday at 3 p.m.

Panthers Remain Perfect in MSAC

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The TC3 men's basketball team was able to withstand a hot start by the visitors before coming back to post an 83-79 over Onondaga Community College Saturday. The win improves TC3 to 13-3 overall and 6-0 in the Mid-State Athletic Conference. Onondaga drops to 5-16 overall and 1-6 in the MSAC.
Onondaga looked comfortable shooting to open the game, connecting on seven of its first ten three-point attempts while running to a 16-point lead ten minutes into the game. Seven straight points by Chris Cartwright (Binghamton H.S./Binghamton) sparked a 22-8 run that cut the OCC lead to 39-37 at the half.
The second half opened with Michael Martin (Spencer-Van Etten H.S./Spencer) draining a pair of three-pointers as TC3 took its first lead of the game at 44-41. After the two teams traded the lead, TC3 slowly moved out to an eight-point lead at 62-54 with 8:30 left in the game. Onondaga regained its shooting touch, coming back tie the game at 67-67. TC3 reclaimed the lead twice, only to see the Lazers fight back and tie the game again at 69-69 and 71-71. With under four minutes to play, Martin and Josh Delfino (Newfield H.S./Newfield) hit back-to-back layups to give the home team a four-point lead, but another Onondaga three-pointer cut it back to one with under three minutes to play. After a TC3 timeout, the Panthers brought the crowd to its feet with a beautiful play that saw Cartwright feed a perfect lob that Martin caught by the rim and threw down for a dunk and a three-point lead. The Panthers held the lead the rest of the way, with Martin sealing the win with a key rebound and a pair of foul shots with eight seconds left.
Cartwright led the Panthers with 21 points, seven rebounds, six assists, and five steals. Martin finished with a double-double of 17 points and 11 rebounds and Charleston Collins, Jr. (Corcoran H.S./Syracuse) also posted a double-double with 10 points and 10 rebounds to go with four steals and three assists.
Onondaga's Andrew Lucio led all scorers with 25 points.
TC3 plays at Cayuga Community College Wednesday, January 27.

Panthers Outscore Broome

Thursday, January 14, 2010

An offensive outburst that featured three TC3 men's basketball players scoring over 20 points team helped the Panthers remain perfect in Mid-State Athletic Conference play Thursday as TC3 beat Broome Community College 111-101. TC3 is now 12-3 overall and 5-0 in the Mid-State Athletic Conference. Broome is 8-7 overall and 1-2 in the MSAC.
Charleston Collins, Jr. (Corcoran H.S./Syracuse) led the way with 32 points, one more than teammate Chris Cartwright (Binghamton H.S./Binghamton) at 31. Jonathon Charette (Fabius-Pompey H.S./Jamesville) poured in 22 points as the Panthers set a season-high point total.
TC3 hosts Onondaga Community College Saturday, January 23.

Panthers outscore Cannoneers 92 to 84

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Six three points from Greg Mudge (Hunter Tannersville) and five from Chris Cartwright (Binghamton) helped tire the defense of visiting Jefferson CC and allow the Panthers to outscore the Cannoneers by a score of 92 to 84. Cartwright led all scorers with 30 points followed by Josh Delfino’s (Newfield) 24.

The Panthers, ranked #9 in the NJCAA, remain perfect in Mid-State Conference play and will put that 4-0 record on the line Thursday night when they travel to Binghamton to face Broome CC.

Final Score: TC3 (11-3 overall, 4-0 MSAC) 92, Jefferson CC (7-9 overall, 1-2 MSAC) 84
Halftime Score: JCC 41, TC3 40

TC3 Leading Scorers:
1. Chris Cartwright had 30
2. Josh Delfino had 24
3. Greg Mudge had 20
Jefferson Leading Scorer was James Biggs with 23 points

Panthers Win at FLCC

Saturday, January 09, 2010

The TC3 men capped off a tremendous week of basketball with a 83-72 win at Finger Lakes CC on Saturday afternoon. The Panthers head into week two of Conference play with a perfect 3-0 record thanks to an impressive outing by forward Michael Martin of Spencer who had 18 points and 10 rebounds. Three other Panthers had strong games, led by Josh Delfino (Newfield) with 20 points and 14 boards, C.C. Collins (Syracuse) with 15 points and Chris Cartwright (Binghamton) having 14.
TC3 will put its 10-3 record and #9 National ranking on the line Tuesday night in Dryden when Jefferson CC comes to town for a 7 p.m. tip off between two of the league's best.

The TC3 men cruised to a win over the Spartans

Thursday, January 07, 2010

The TC3 Men, ranked #9 in the NJCAA National Poll, cruised to a 79-49 win on Thursday night. Chris Cartwright (Binghamton) exploded for 33 points, including 9 of 10 shooting from the line.

"It's great to win in front of our home crowd, but the guys know we have a lot of work to do on both ends of the court" said Coach Dave Stevenson, "we are just not very good right now but we'll get there".

TC3, now 9-3 overall and 2-0 in MSAC, travel to Finger Lakes for a 3 p.m. tip on Saturday.

HALF: TC3 38, Cayuga 28
FINAL: TC3 79, Cayuga 49

Panther Men Ranked #9 in the Nation

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The TC3 Men, ranked #9 in today's NJCAA National Poll, lived up to their new ranking by handling the Red Baron's 93-75. TC3 relied on a "Monster game" by Newfield's Josh Delfino who had a game high 26 points while pulling down 16 rebounds. Charleston Collins, Jr. (Syracuse) had 16 points while Chris Cartwright (Binghamton) added 15 points, 6 assists and 5 steals. Spencer's Michael Martin chipped in 8 points and collected 8 rebounds. Corning was led by Allen Green's 24 points.

"It's always a battle when we face Corning", Coach Dave Stevenson explained. "Neither team is sharp at this point (with the long break) so we are fortunate to come out with the win to start Conference play".

TC3, now 8-3 overall and 1-0 in MSAC play will host Cayuga CC on Thursday night in Dryden with the tip off scheduled for 5 p.m.

HALF: TC3 47, Corning 39
FINAL: TC3 93, Corning 75

Panthers Lose Roadrunner Final to D-II Team

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Playing short-handed due to injuries to two key players, the TC3 men's basketball team almost overcame a huge disparity in free throws Saturday, losing 68-66 to Burlington CC (N.J.) in the final of the Roadrunner Classic at Gloucester County College. TC3 drops to 7-3 with the loss to the D-II Burlington squad.
After moving to a 40-28 lead in the first half, the Panthers watched the lead disappear in the second twenty minutes as Burlington used a decided advantage in size and number of trips to the free throw line to pull out the win. For the game, TC3 shot just 11 foul shots, while Burlington shot 36 free throws - including 29 in the second half alone.
Chris Cartwright (Binghamton H.S./Binghamton) led TC3 with 22 points, including 18 on six three-pointers. Fellow all-tournament selection Charleston Collins, Jr. (Corcoran H.S./Syracuse) just missed a double-double with eight points and nine rebounds. Michael Martin (Spencer-Van Etten H.S./Spencer) added 12 points.

Panthers Win Roadrunner Opener

Friday, December 04, 2009

The TC3 men's basketball team beat Essex County College (N.J.) 86-76 to open the Roadrunner Classic at Gloucester County College in Sewell, New Jersey Friday. TC3 improves to 7-2 overall while Essex, a Division II team from New Jersey, is now 4-4.
The win was TC3's third of the season against a scholarship team. Charleston Collins, Jr. (Corcoran H.S./Syracuse) led five players in double figures with a season-high 23 points. Greg Mudge (Hunter-Tannersville H.S./Hunter) netted his season best with 14 points, followed by 13 from Chris Cartwright (Binghamton H.S./Binghamton), 12 from Josh Delfino (Newfield H.S./Newfield), and 11 from Michael Martin (Spencer-Van Etten H.S./Spencer).
TC3 plays in the Roadrunner Classic Championship game Saturday at 3 p.m.

Panthers Come Up Short

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

In a match-up between the top two ranked teams in the region, the TC3 men's basketball team dropped a 92-74 decision at Herkimer County Community College Wednesday. TC3, ranked second in the region and 15th in the nation, falls to 6-2 overall. Herkimer, ranked sixth in the nation and first in Region III, improves to 8-2.
After trailing 43-28 at the half, the Panthers climbed to within nine in the closing minutes before Herkimer pulled away for the 18-point win.
Chris Cartwright (Binghamton H.S./Binghamton) led the team with 33 points and five assists. Charleston Collins, Jr. (Corcoran H.S./Syracuse) added 15 points, three steals, and three assists and Josh Delfino (Newfield H.S./Newfield) pulled down a team-best ten rebounds.
TC3 returns to action this weekend, traveling to New Jersey to take part in the Roadrunner Classic at Gloucester County College. The Panthers take on Division II-Essex County College Friday at 6 p.m.

Panthers Top Schenectady

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The TC3 men's basketball team stretched its current winning streak to five games Tuesday with a 73-68 win at Schenectady County Community College. TC3 improves to 6-1 overall, while Schenectady falls to 1-2.
Josh Delfino (Newfield H.S./Newfield) recorded his seventh straight double-double, posting 17 points and 14 rebounds. He was one of four Panthers to score in double figures, led by Chris Cartwright (Binghamton H.S./Binghamton) with 22 points. Charleston Collins, Jr. (Corcoran H.S./Syracuse) and Trevor Williamson (Cortland H.S./Cortland) added 14 and 12 points, respectively.
TC3 is off until after Thanksgiving. The Panthers next play December 2 at Herkimer County Community College.

TC3 Claims Panther Classic Title

Sunday, November 15, 2009

With five players scoring in double figures, the TC3 men's basketball team claimed the Panther Classic championship Sunday, beating Division II Niagara County Community College 89-79. The win moves TC3's record to 5-1 overall, with two wins coming against scholarship schools. Niagara falls to 2-1.
After falling behind by six in the opening moments, TC3 used a 13-0 run capped by a Tynez Wilson (Union-Endicott H.S./Binghamton) layup to lead 17-10. The visiting Trailblazers responded by scoring nine of the next ten, retaking the lead at the midpoint of the half. The team traded baskets until the Panthers went on a 7-1 run to go from a tied game to a 27-21 lead, this time with a layup by Trevor Williamson (Cortland H.S./Cortland) as the finishing touch. The lead held at six points the rest of the half, with the Panthers up 37-31 at the break.
The lead slowly dissolved in the second half, with Niagara tying the game at 45-45 with 13:57 left to play. Each team held the lead over the next minutes, but with 5:25 left to play the score was knotted at 65-65. The Panthers scored the next six straight as part of a 10-2 run, with a Josh Delfino (Newfield H.S./Newfield) foul shot putting the lead at 75-67 with 3:19 remaining. When Jonathon Charette (Fabius-Pompey H.S./Jamesville) drained his third three-pointer of the half and then converted a pair of free throws, the lead stood at 83-70 with 1:15 left. The home team went 6-for-8 from the line, including 4-for-4 by Charette, in the closing minute to secure the win.
All-tournament team selection Charette ended the game with a team-high 26 points to go with five assists. Delfino, the tournament MVP, posted 18 points and 17 rebounds. Chris Cartwright (Binghamton H.S./Binghamton) just missed a double-double with 14 points and nine assists. Williamson and Charleston Collins, Jr. (Corcoran H.S./Syracuse) each added ten points for the winners.
Robbie Seyler led Niagara with 25 points.
The consolation game of the Panther Classic was won by Fulton-Montgomery Community College, 57-52, over Cayuga Community College.
TC3 returns to action Tuesday at Schenectady County Community College.

TC3 Wins Panther Classic Opener

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The TC3 men's basketball team advanced to the Panther Classic championship with an opening round win over Fulton-Montgomery Community College Saturday. The 91-86 win improves TC3 to 4-1 on the season while Fulton-Montgomery falls to 2-3. The championship game is Sunday at 2 p.m. The Panthers will take on Niagara County Community College, a 65-55 winner over Cayuga Community College in Saturday's other first round game.
The opening half was evenly played, with the score tied eight times before the buzzer rang with TC3 up 39-38. The 12th tie of the game came midway through the second half, with the score knotted at 50-50.
With 13:11 left in the game, the Panthers went on an 8-1 run, sparked by a three-pointer by Chris Cartwright (Binghamton H.S./Binghamton) and capped by a three-pointer by Jonathon Charette (Fabius-Pompey H.S./Jamesville). Fulton-Montgomery wouldn't go away, pulling back to tie the game at 66-66 with 7:04 left. A 10-2 run by the Panthers gave the home team the lead, but Fulton-Montgomery responded with a run of their own, pulling to within one at 77-76 with 3:06. Four straight free throws by Cartwright put the TC3 lead back to five a minute later, and the home team went eight of eleven from the foul line down the stretch to seal the win.
Cartwright led the Panthers with 26 points and five assists. Josh Delfino (Newfield H.S./Newfield) and Charleston Collins, Jr. (Corcoran H.S./Syracuse) each posted double-doubles, with Delfino posting 18 points and 10 rebounds and Collins coming in with 11 points and 16 rebounds to go with six steals. James Tucker (Saratoga Springs H.S./Saratoga Springs) had a big game with 13 points and seven rebounds and Charette chipped in 11 points. Tynez Wilson (Union-Endicott H.S./Binghamton) finished with nine rebounds to go with six points and three steals.
Ashton Pascal led Fulton-Montgomery with 28 points.

Panthers Top Delhi

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another big night from the trio of Chris Cartwright (Binghamton H.S./Binghamton), Josh Delfino (Newfield H.S./Newfield), and Charleston Collins, Jr. (Corcoran H.S./Syracuse) led the TC3 men's basketball team to an 83-75 win over SUNY Delhi Tuesday. The home win improves the Panthers to 3-1 while Delhi falls to 2-3.
The Panthers jumped out to an early lead, with a Cartwright jumper capping an 11-0 run to give TC3 a 25-11 lead midway through the half. After Delhi pulled within nine at 27-18, TC3 scored six straight to lead 33-18, but a 20-5 Delhi run to close out the half left the game tied at 38-38.
Delhi took the lead for the first time in the opening moments of the second half, scoring the first three points to lead 41-38. The teams traded baskets, until Delhi led 48-45. TC3 then went on a 15-4 run, with a Delfino layup making it 60-52. The TC3 lead grew to 12 at 74-62 on a three-pointer by Michael Martin (Spencer-Van Etten H.S./Spencer) with 6:17 left in the game. Delhi managed to pull within three with 2:29 left to play, but a basket by Cartwright and solid free throw shooting down the stretch allowed the Panthers to put the game away.
Delfino posted another double-double, leading the team with 24 points and 12 rebounds. Collins tallied 16 points and 16 boards, while Cartwright poured in 21.
TC3 hosts the Panther Classic this weekend. Saturday's opening round games feature TC3 against Fulton-Montgomery Community College at noon and Cayuga Community College against Niagara County Community College at 2 p.m.

Panthers Knock Off D-II Team

Sunday, November 08, 2009

A balanced attacked that featured 32 points from Chris Cartwright (Binghamton H.S./Binghamton) and double-doubles from both Josh Delfino (Newfield H.S./Newfield) and Charleston Collins, Jr. (Corcoran H.S./Syracuse) helped the TC3 men's basketball team to a 77-74 win at Jamestown Community College Sunday. The Panthers improve to 2-1 with the win while Jamestown, a Division II team, falls to 1-2.
After taking a 41-40 lead at the half, the Panthers held the lead down the stretch in part due to solid foul shooting. Cartwright scored 12 of his game-high 32 points from the free throw line, the second time this season he has made more than 10 in a game. Delfino finished with 18 points and 17 rebounds while Collins totaled 12 points and 12 rebounds. Both Cartwright and Collins added seven assists to their stat lines.
TC3 hosts SUNY Delhi Tuesday at 5 p.m.

Cold Second Half Costs Panthers

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A pair of big runs by the visitors was too much for the TC3 men's basketball team to overcome Wednesday in Dryden as the Panthers lost to Mohawk Valley Community College 93-74. Both team entered the game having won their season openers on Sunday.
The first runs of the game belonged to the home team, as TC3 outscored the Hawks 29-12 during a stretch midway through the first half. The lead topped at 34-22 on a three-pointer by Greg Mudge (Hunter-Tannersville H.S./Hunter) with 5:33 left in the half, but Mohawk Valley closed the half by scoring 17 of the final 23 points to pull within one at 40-39 at the break.
The second started with the teams trading baskets, eventually tying the score at 44-44. The team remained close, with Mohawk Valley pulling ahead slightly at 56-53, before things took a downturn for the home team. The Panthers were outscored 18-2 over the next few minutes as Mohawk Valley took control. The Hawk lead grew to as many as 26 points the rest of the way as the Panthers were never able to manage any sustained attack on the margin. As a team, TC3 shot just 35% from the floor in the second half while Mohawk Valley connected at a rate of better than 59%.
Chris Cartwright (Binghamton H.S./Binghamton) led TC3 in scoring with 21 points. Josh Delfino (Newfield H.S./Newfield) had another double-double with 16 points and 12 rebounds and Jonathon Charette (Fabius-Pompey H.S./Jamesville) added 12 points.
Bradley Griffin had a huge night for the Hawks, scoring 39 points while grabbing 11 rebounds.
TC3 plays at Jamestown Community College Sunday.

Panthers Knock off Defending Champs

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Playing the defending Region III champions in the season opener, the TC3 men's basketball team led the entire way while winning 85-74. Hudson Valley Community College entered the game ranked ninth in the nation in the NJCAA Division III preseason poll.
The game opened with Michael Martin (Spencer-Van Etten H.S./Spencer) draining a three-pointer to get the home team on the board. The lead grew throughout the half, peaking at 22 points with 2:41 left in the half when Julian Smith-Magee (Newfield H.S./Ithaca) hit a jumper to make it 44-22. Hudson Valley scored the next nine points to pull with 44-31 before Josh Delfino (Newfield H.S./Newfield) and Smith-Magee made back-to-back baskets to close the half with TC3 ahead 48-31.
The visiting Vikings slowly chipped away in the second half, cutting the lead to single digits at 57-49 with 11:30 left, but two straight field goals by Delfino helped the Panthers pushed it back to 14 with seven minutes left. The Vikings again clawed back into the game, eventually pulling to within six points at 77-71 with 2:15 left to play. A basket by Delfino off a pretty pass from Jonathon Charette (Fabius-Pompey H.S./Jamesville) made it 79-71, but Hudson Valley responded to make it 79-73 with 1:35 left. Chris Cartwright (Binghamton H.S./Binghamton) sealed the win by hitting four straight free throws before Charleston Collins, Jr. (Corcoran H.S./Syracuse) put the finishing touches on the game with a dunk in the closing seconds.
Delfino had a monster game for the Panthers, finishing with 28 points and 21 rebounds. Collins posted a double-double of 12 points and 15 rebounds to go with four blocks, and Cartwright poured in 21 points, including a perfect 11-for-11 at the line. Martin finished with 12 rebounds and six points.
Ramel Alexander led Hudson Valley with 18 points.
TC3 hosts Mohawk Valley Community College Wednesday at 5 p.m.

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