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College Inducts 60 Into Honor Society

October 29, 2015

Alpha Gamma Nu, the Tompkins Cortland Community College chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, has 60 new members this semester. The Fall 2015 Induction Ceremony was October 29.

Phi Theta Kappa was founded in 1918 by a group of two-year college presidents to honor the scholastic achievements of their students. The organization has grown to more than 1,200 chapters across the country and around the world.

The Alpha Gamma Nu chapter of Phi Theta Kappa was established at the College in 1978. The goals of the chapter are the promotion of scholarship, the development of leadership, and the cultivation of fellowship among the members. Students must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5 with 15 or more credit hours to be eligible for invitation into Phi Theta Kappa.

Fall 2015 Inductees (with major)
Maria Alfaro (Environmental Studies)
John Adams (Liberal Arts and Sciences-General Individual)
Shawnee Baker (Liberal Arts and Sciences-General Individual)
Andrew Barnes (Nursing)
Heather Benjamin (Early Childhood - Sequence B)
Janel Burhans (Liberal Arts and Sciences-General Individual)
Brittany Burke (Accounting)
Michael Capalbo (Computer Forensics)
Jade Case (Early Childhood - Sequence B)
Steffany Cerda (International Business)
Benjamin Craddock (Liberal Arts and Sciences-Social Science)
Nancy Daniels (Nursing)
Marie Dentes (Liberal Arts and Sciences-General Individual)
Stacey Eddy (Human Services)
Michael Friend (Construction and Environmental Technology)
Brittany Genson (Liberal Arts and Sciences-Math/Science)
Victoria Goehner (Liberal Arts and Sciences-General Studies)
Alexandra Griffin (Liberal Arts and Sciences-General Studies)
Timothy Haefner (Liberal Arts and Sciences-Math/Science)
Timothy Hanna (Nursing)
Crysta Howard (Liberal Arts and Sciences-Social Science)
Brianna Hulbert (Business Administration)
Jahangir Hussain (Liberal Arts and Sciences-General Studies)
Shae Jewell (Liberal Arts and Sciences-Social Science)
Kathryn Jordan (Nursing)
Jessie Ke (Liberal Arts and Sciences-Humanities)
Patricia Kohout (Liberal Arts and Sciences-General Individual)
Nathan Lamoree (Business Administration)
Daniel Lauricella (Liberal Arts and Sciences-General Studies)
Xavier LaVigne (Accounting)
Chia-Yu Lo (Hotel and Restaurant Management)
Andrew McDonnell, IV (Liberal Arts and Sciences-Math/Science)
Stephan Mead (Culinary Arts)
Christina Mente (Chemical Dependency Counseling)
Courtney Morgan-Rivers (Nursing)
Jaclyn Nino (Liberal Arts and Sciences-General Individual)
Brittany Norton (Liberal Arts and Sciences-Social Science)
Oreofe Omolaolu (Communication and Media Arts)
Collin Pickert (Sport Management)
Jayne Potts (Nursing)
Tanija Pulsts (Computer Information Systems)
Peter Puterbaugh (Liberal Arts and Sciences-General Individual)
Sarah Ryan (Liberal Arts and Sciences-Social Science)
Tracy Scott (Biotechnology)
Andrew Siciliano (Recreation: Outdoor Recreation)
Holly Smith (Human Services)
Jessica Smith (Liberal Arts and Sciences-General Individual)
Dileny Esther Sosa Cid (International Business)
Darius Stevens (Liberal Arts and Sciences-General Individual)
Amelia Sturman (Liberal Arts and Sciences-Math/Science)
Erin Trowbridge (Nursing)
Chelsey VanZandt (Early Childhood - Sequence B)
Nathan Vellake (Liberal Arts and Sciences-Math/Science)
Justmil Villanueva (Liberal Arts and Sciences – Adolescence)
Molly Wagner (Liberal Arts and Sciences-General Individual)
Monique Walsh (Liberal Arts and Sciences-Social Science)
Charles Wells (Liberal Arts and Sciences-Math/Science)
Michelle Wernle (Biotechnology)
Marco Antonio Zelaya Reina (Business Administration)
Christina Zurzuski (Liberal Arts and Sciences-General Studies)