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Professional Development Mentoring Program

What is the mentoring program?

The College Teaching Center’s Professional Development Partnership (PDP), the mentoring program, provides a formal mechanism for two members of the faculty at TC3 to work together to enhance pedagogical skills.

Who may participate in the mentoring program?

The PDP is open to all full- and part-time faculty at TC3. It is not limited to new faculty although new faculty are encouraged to participate in the program.

How does the mentoring program operate?

The PDP is a very flexible open program that allows individual faculty to develop pedagogical skills through collaboration with more experienced faculty. Although some specific activities are required, activities usually include research, discussion, and practical experiences.

How do I apply for a mentorship?

Applications for full-time and adjunct mentoring partnerships take place during the first few weeks of each semester, after invitation by the College Teaching Center Coordinator. There is a one-page application that must be filled out and signed by both the mentor and the mentee. Information packets for Professional Development Partnership and the Adjunct Mentorship Professional Development Partnership are online or you can obtain paper copies from the CTC coordinator, Barbara Kobritz.

How can I find out more about mentoring?

The Professional Development Partnership Information packet has a Mentoring Bibliography on p. 11 and Finding a Mentor by Mary Deane Sorcinelli and Jung H. Yun, NEA Higher Education Advocate, Vol. 26, No. 5, April 2009 includes a section on References & Resources.