Tompkins Cortland Community College


Board of Directors

The CTC is managed by a Board of Directors, with both elected and ex officio positions. Elections are held every May. Faculty and adjunct faculty members who are interested in serving should notify our current chair, Kathy McDonough.

Each year the Board selects two paid coordinators, one faculty and one adjunct faculty.

Current Board Members

Coordinators for 2016-2017 (non-voting)

  • Barbara Kobritz – Coordinator, 1-year appointment
  • Christine Iacobucci – Adjunct Coordinator, 1-year appointment

2014 - 2017

  • Susan Cerretani – Faculty
  • Kathy McDonough - Faculty
  • Becky Spencer - Faculty


  • Jaime Barker – Adjunct Faculty
  • Kimari Johnson, Interim Chair –Faculty


  • Jeanne Cameron - Faculty
  • Alexis Dengel - Faculty
  • Alice Caroompas - Adjunct Faculty
  • Kelly Wessell - Faculty


  • Maria Nissi– Associate Director of CollegeNow
  • Eric Jenes - Baker Commons Representative

Administrative Liaisons (non-voting)

  • Khaki Wunderlich – Dean of Organizational Success and Learning
  • Carl Penziul – Dean of Instruction