Tompkins Cortland Community College


What's Happening at the CTC?

CTC Welcomes Our New Adjunct Coordinator

Christine Iacobucci, who teaches Anthropology and Sociology, was hired last spring as the new Adjunct Coordinator of the CTC. She dove in this summer, focusing especially on the orientation program for new adjuncts. She has organized a Blackboard community for adjuncts called the Adjunct Success Kit, or ASK for short. All adjuncts have access to the community through MyTC3. Choose Courses and then click on the Communities tab.

Christine started ASK off with brief videos of the many administrators around campus that adjuncts will need to know, talking for a minute or two about the key services in their areas. The videos were recorded and posted by Gregg Kiehl, Library Director. (Thank you, Gregg!) Christine will continue to post relevant information to the ASK community throughout the semester.

Roundtables Taking Shape for Fall 2016

If there's an aspect of teaching that you would like to discuss with your colleagues, now is the time to get onto the CTC calendar. Discussion is informal and anyone can lead. No PowerPoint required.

We get very positive feedback on sessions where teachers present their scholarly and artistic achievements. If you have something in that vein to share with your colleagues, by all means, let us know. Let's celebrate this fantastic faculty together!

Talk to Barbara Kobritz, in the Library, or send an email to to schedule a date. But do it soon! Fall semester dates are filling up.

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Mentors & Partners Program Gearing Up

If you want to work on a special project or classroom concern with another teacher this fall, apply now. Mentorships and partnerships start the second week of classes and run for the duration of the semester. There are three different categories, to provide flexibility in how your projects are structured - New Teacher, New Faculty, and Partners. The program is open to regular and adjunct faculty both. The deadline for applications is Friday, September 9.

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