Tompkins Cortland Community College

Enrollment Services

Nursing Readmissions

Students who receive a grade of W, WP, WF or F in a required nursing course may apply for readmission to the nursing program. Upon readmission, the student will have one opportunity to repeat the failed course and attain a passing grade. A student can do this with only two nursing courses.

Students applying for readmission to the first semester nursing course, NURS 110, will be considered using the same criteria and selection process described for new applicants. A previous grade of F in NURS 110 will not be considered when the applicant’s overall GPA is computed.
Students applying for readmission must submit a new Tompkins Cortland application, a new personal statement of application form, and college transcripts not already on file at the College. Students applying for readmission to the second, third, or fourth semester must also submit a personal letter describing a plan for success in the nursing program, and three letters of reference: 1) a letter from a member of the College's nursing faculty, 2) a letter from another member of the nursing profession, preferably a nursing supervisor/employer, and 3) a letter from a personal reference.

Students who wish to be readmitted to the second, third, or fourth semester must have an overall GPA of 2.0, not counting grades in failed nursing courses. If there are more applicants than spaces available in a given semester, selection will be based on grades in science, math, and nursing courses, overall GPA, the personal statement of application form, the applicant’s personal letter, and letters of reference. An interview may be required.

A student who is readmitted must complete the nursing program within five years of first enrollment in NURS 110.