Tompkins Cortland Community College


Purchasing Procedures

Purchase $500 or less

Purchases of $500 or less will be made in accordance with generally established responsible purchasing practices to procure goods and services at the best price and value.  This may include use of New York State contracts (see below), other established contracts, or by known responsible vendors.

Purchases above $500

On purchases above $500, check to see if the desired item is available through New York State contract. If so, proceed to the request purchase instructions below and include the state contract information. Consult the purchasing office if additional assistance is needed with state contract purchasing. If the item or service is not available through State Contract, follow procedures below.

If over $500 ($1,000 for Public Work) and under $20,000, documentation of at least 3 quotes from responsible vendors must be included (attached) with the requisition. 

Purchases exceeding $20,000

In accordance with General Municipal Law, purchases exceeding $20,000 ($35,000 for Public Works) require a formal sealed bid process. This requires varying lead times depending on circumstances, complexity and nature of purchase, and must be coordinated with consideration to Board of Trustees approval requirements. Purchasing Office will assist with this process.

Exceptions to quote or bid requirements, such as Professional Services or Sole Source Justification, must be submitted in writing for approval by the Budget and Finance/Purchasing Office.

Request a Purchase

To request a purchase, complete a purchase requisition form. The form is available from the Budget and Finance section of the Tompkins Cortland Faculty/Staff Forms. Form is found on the College's website – go to Faculty/Staff – Forms – Budget and Finance – Purchase Requisition, or access through A-Z search – Purchasing - Forms.  The form should include vendor, purchase description, department and object codes, and needs to have budget/department manager’s signature.  Purchases over $500 require a Dean’s signature.  Computer and technology related requisitions should be processed through Campus Technology.
Submit paperwork (requisition with documentation/quotes attached) to the Purchasing Office for processing and for the order to be placed.  Please account for lead time required to process the requisition. The standard lead time required between requisition below the formal bid threshold, and purchase order is two weeks.  Once a purchase order is generated, a copy will be sent to the requestor for their records, and for the requestor to reference (the purchase order number) when authorizing payment of the invoice. 

Invoice Payment/Authorization: When an invoice is received against an open purchase order, the requester/budget manager must promptly complete a blue payment voucher (available from the Budget and Finance office), reference the PO #, and return all to Accounts Payable for processing.  If a purchase requisition/check request form has not been submitted and purchase order has not been issued prior to receipt of an invoice, the form is required at the time of submission of invoice or pre-payment request.

Please contact the Purchasing Office for assistance, or with any questions – Purchasing or Ext. 4310.

Additional Information

More detailed information and policies are available in the Purchasing section Administrative Manual available the Budget and Finance section of the Tompkins Cortland Faculty/Staff Forms.