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Tuition and Fees


The College does not insure or assume responsibility for any personal property owned by an individual. Therefore, it is your responsibility to provide proper insurance protection against loss of any personal property brought on campus.

Accident Insurance – Mandatory

Full-time students are charged a mandatory accident insurance fee. Students are provided with a brochure explaining the benefits in detail. Additional information is available from the Student Health Center.

Title IV Refund Policy

The U.S. Department of Education assumes that you earn your aid based on the period of time you remain enrolled. During the first 60 percent of the semester you earn Title IV funds in direct proportion to the length of time you remain enrolled. A student who remains enrolled beyond the 60% point earns all aid for the semester. Unearned funds must be returned to the U.S. Department of Education. 

The key to determining the period of enrollment is the withdrawal date. The percentage of the period that you remain enrolled is derived by dividing the number of days prior to the withdrawal date by the number of days in the semester.

Withdrawal from the College

You can officially withdraw by notifying the Enrollment Services Center at the College.

The withdrawal date for each is determined as follows:

Official Withdrawal: You should notify an enrollment services specialist of intent. A withdrawal form will be completed at that time and an exit interview conducted with appropriate College personnel.  

Withdrawal Without Notification: In general, the College will use the midpoint of the semester as the withdrawal date for students ceasing academically related activity without notification to the College. If an academically related activity can be documented beyond this point, then that date will be used for the purposes of Title IV refunds.

Administrative Withdrawal (AW): Instructors may administratively withdraw students if they have ceased to attend classes prior to the end of the withdrawal period. A grade notation of “AW” will be made on the permanent academic record. The AW grade is not calculated into the student's GPA, but does count toward the student's earned/attempted credit ratio. If the instructor does not assign as AW to a non-attending student, a final grade of F will be posted at the end of the semester.

Delinquent Accounts

Students with delinquent accounts will be placed on the stop list. You will not be allowed to register for any future semesters and your transcripts will be withheld until the account is paid in full. The account may be assigned to a collection agency. The College will assign the outstanding balance plus the collection agency fees and/or reasonable cost for collection.

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