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Grade Point Average

The grade point average (GPA) is computed by:

  1. Multiplying the quality points for the letter grade earned by the number of GPA credits for the course.
  2. Adding the quality points earned in all courses taken.
  3. Dividing the sum of quality points by the total number of GPA credits.

Grades for equivalent credit courses and the grade notations of AW, W, WP, I, IP, P, SUNY, TR, MW, NC, and X are not used to calculate the GPA.

In computing grade point averages only credit courses taken at Tompkins Cortland are included.

Sample Grade Point Average Calculation

Example of GPA (Grade Point Average) calculation, with a failing grade (F) and a pass (P) included to demonstrate how they are calculated:

Course Credits Total GPA Credits Grade Quality Points Total Quality Points
ACCT 101 4 4 A 4.0 16.0
BIOL 104 4 4 C- 1.7 6.8
SOCI 101 3 3 B+ 3.3 9.9
MATH 102 3 3 F 0.0 0.0
FITN 108 1 -- P -- --
PSYC 101 3 3 C+ 2.3 6.9
Totals   17     39.6

Total Quality Points/Total GPA Credits = GPA

39.6/17 = 2.329 GPA

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