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Online learning is easier and takes less time.Online Learning

Online learning requires increased time-management in exchange for the flexibility of completing class work without being in a traditional classroom. Online courses are just as rigorous as on-campus classes. You must still participate and submit assignments by the deadlines.

It's easy to cheat in an online class.

Cheating is no more prevalent in online classes than it is in traditional classes. In addition, the Blackboard utility SafeAssign used by the College to monitor and encourage academic integrity hold our students to a higher standard. Instructors also use special configurations on tests that require you to take tests that may be timed, individualized, and include essay questions. Cheating is not tolerated and it is grounds for dismissal.

Online students are not connected to the campus.

Online courses provide extensive interaction with instructors and other students through discussion forums, chat, and other technologies. The more you participate, the more connected you will be.

There are no real teachers in an online class.

At Tompkins Cortland, you'll learn from the same expert instructors who are professionally trained to teach our on-campus classes. Though you might not see them in person, you will interact with them online through discussion forums, course Email, chat, and online lectures.

Employers won’t accept online degrees or classes.

With millions of online learners in the United States, employers realize that 'online' is simply a new delivery format, not a separate kind of education. Tompkins Cortland is an accredited college and transcripts do not mention whether coursework was completed on campus or online. The learning objectives and requirements are the same.

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