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Padraic O'Donnell

Finding his strengthPadraic O'Donnell

If a Strengths-based approach to college is the topic, Padraic O'Donnell is an authority. He's a former Tompkins Cortland Community College Outstanding Student of the Month, a resident advisor in the College's residence halls, a former lifeguard, orientation leader, and member of numerous student groups including the Freshman Year Experience Committee, Campus Smoking Policy Task Force, Gay-Straight Alliance, and the Outdoor Adventure Club. Padraic has also marched in the National Equality March in Washington D.C. and participated in the Bringing the AIDS Quilt to Campus event and National Coming Out Day.

And he was there in September as the College accepted the first ever Gallup/Clifton Strengths School "Clifton Compass Award" given to a community college. The award honors institutions that best represent a strengths-based campus.

As Padraic addressed the crowd, detailing the "discoveries of Strengths I didn't realize I had," the power of the work that led to the award was clear.