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Holly McBean

Making her dream possibleHolly McBean

Holly McBean works with children (and she's good at it), so it stands to reason someone would tell her she'd make a good teacher. "A few people have said that. Even my father," she says. "But my dream was always to be a nurse. So I told them I was going to be a nurse."

It took a few years, but with young children on the verge of entering school, Holly decided to make the dream a reality. And, as an adult student who hadn't previously attended college, she was a candidate for the Pathways Scholarship, which provides aid and support to non-traditional students. She still works full-time and does the normal ferrying of her children around town, but she's also managed to construct a schedule as a part-time student that allows her to pursue her future career, which should be at least some consolation to those who thought she'd make a good teacher: She wants to be a maternity nurse.

"I know what my dream is," she says. "And this makes it possible."