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TC3 Emergency Closings and Delays

As we approach the winter season, we can expect frequent snow and occasional severe winter weather. Closings and delays will be implemented ONLY when extreme winter conditions exist.

View the TC3 Weathercam.

Information on:

Day Classes

For inclement weather occurring during the night, a decision regarding the following day’s classes will be made no later than 6 a.m. If the college is to close, or open late, the various media will be contacted by 6:30 a.m. In addition, a message will be placed on the college’s web site,

The college also provides a text messaging service to announce college closings. Anyone wishing to receive a text message when the college closes due to weather can sign up on myInfo. Once you're signed in, select "TxtMsg Options" and register your cell phone number. TC3 does NOT charge for this service. Charges may apply through your cellular provider; by registering you agree to be responsible for those charges. Unregistered mobile phones will NOT receive this service.

You may continue to rely on the college web site, radio, and television stations for accurate information regarding the open/closed status of the building. (back to top)

Evening Classes

On those days when inclement weather is occurring during the day, a decision regarding evening classes will be made no later than 3 p.m. and immediately communicated over the public address system on campus, on the college’s web page, as well as to the various media. If there are any unique situations affecting the closing status of the extension centers, they will be announced as a part of the radio message. (back to top)


The college will remain open for approved and scheduled activities on Saturdays and Sundays.

Credit Courses

Faculty members have the authority to cancel class due to inclement weather/road conditions. Faculty members must contact the students in their class and the security department. An announcement will not be placed on radio/television stations.

Offices/Services Available

Departments that maintain Saturday or Sunday hours should make their own decisions about whether to close due to inclement weather/road conditions. If a decision is made to close, the individual in charge must notify the security department. An announcement will not be placed on radio/television stations.


Workshop coordinators have the authority to cancel workshops due to inclement weather/road conditions. Workshop coordinators should contact all participants if a workshop is cancelled or the local media if they are unable to contact everyone. The workshop coordinator must contact the security department as well.

Special Events

Event coordinators have the authority to cancel their events due to inclement weather/road conditions. Each department that sponsors weekend events will clearly identify who has the authority to cancel the event. The Office of Campus Activities, through the room reservation system, coordinates the scheduling of activities. The individual responsible for making a decision regarding cancellation of the event should be stated on the reservation form. A copy of the reservation form will then be forwarded to the security department. Event coordinators must notify the security department if an event is cancelled and the local media to announce the cancellation. (back to top)


The college will share its weather-related closing announcements with the following media.


WAAL 99.1 FM
WBNG-TV - Channel 12
WEBO 1330 AM/101.3 FM/105.1 FM/107.9 FM
WLTB 101.7 FM
WNBF 1290 AM
WHWK 98.1 FM
WIVT/WBGH - Newschannel 34
WWYL 104.1 FM


WXHC 101.5 FM


WFLR 1570 AM/96.9 FM


WBBI 107.5 FM
WBNW 105.7 FM
WENE 1430 AM
WINR 680 AM/96.6 FM
WKGB 92.5 FM
WMXW 103.3 FM


WFIZ Z95.5
WFIZ-HD2 107.7 Rewind
WHCU 870 AM/95.5 FM
WICB 91.7 FM
WIII (I-100) 99.9/100.3 FM
WNYY 1470 AM/97.7 FM
WQNY 103.7 FM QCountry
WVBR 93.5 FM
WYXL Lite Rock 97.3 FM
WYXL HD2 96.7 The Vine
WYXL HD2 98.7 The Buzzer

Sayre (Pennsylvania)

WATS 102.1 FM


WBBS 104.7 FM
WIXT-TV - Channel 9
WRVO 89.9 FM/90.3 FM
WSEN 1050 AM/92.1 FM
WSTM-TV - Channel 3
WSYR 570 AM/106.9 FM
WTVH-TV - Channel 5
WWHT 107.9 FM
WYYY 94.5 FM




WICZ TV - Channel 40

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Dining Service

Students in the residence halls can still get meals at the TC3 Eatery from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on an emergency closing day. Two meals are offered during that time frame. If there is a delayed opening later than 10 a.m., then the start time would shift time accordingly.