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Carl E. Haynes, President

We live in a time of numbers. Big data. Standardized tests. Reporting and more reporting.

Numbers are useful. We have long been committed to internal analysis and
data-driven decision making, so much so that in recent years we have
implemented a deep data tracking system on campus with numerous trained master analysts. But data cannot tell the whole story.

And in my annual report this year I've focused on the true story of TC3: its people.

From student mentors to innovative and creative members of the faculty and staff, TC3 has always been driven by the passion to help our students succeed.

Explore my annual report and venture further down this page to see expanded content with links to videos and other sections of the website to learn even more about these amazing people and initiatives.

Annual Report 2015-16

President's Annual Report

Celebrating our Entrepreneurial Spirit

"Entrepreneurial Faculty": It's a phrase we often hear in reference to our campus culture. And this year we've chosen to highlight some of our most innovative initiatives as evidence of that spirit.

Even the nature of the annual report is a testament to that spirit. This is the first year we've decided to combine our TC3 Foundation Annual Report and President's Annual Report into one publication. Also available is the insert that details college boards, budgets, and awards. It's not only a more efficient approach, but the mission and day-to-day work of both offices cross over frequently in pursuit of our ultimate goal: Student Success.

Featured Stories
In the report, you'll read about an effort initiated by our English faculty to streamline the process by which students proceed through developmental writing. English Professor Bruce Need is part of a teaching group that combines English 99 and 100 courses, allowing developmental-level students to get tailored assistance while also completing English 100 requirements.

You'll read about the great work of Biz, and its director Martha Hubbard. Most recently, Biz arranged for yogurt science training to support the new Byrne Dairy Yoghurt plant in Cortland.

You'll also read evidence of our spirit in the College's Global Office, Student Life, and athletics, as well as a unique initiative called "social norming," in which students find out (from other students) that they "college" behavior they may think is normal is not as common as they think.

Exploring the Themes of Our Success


We organize our assessment under themes that guide of mission of supporting student success. The following items represent a cross-section of our work, with further links to explore on our site.

Instruction and Curriculum

Saw students transfer at a higher rate than 25-campus comparison group.

Used Perkins funding to improve student advisement.

Continued to add online courses and increase enrollment in those courses.

Increased enrollment in Global Connections programs.

Held our second collaborative teaching and student engagement conference.

Student Engagement

Saw the Student Government Association continue to rebuild and rework campus government.

Grew student clubs.

Saw student athletes continue to succeed in the classroom as well as on the playing fields and courts.

Community Connections

Grew concurrent enrollmentregistrations 11 percent and offered all-time highs in course sections. Saw 2,186 local seniors graduate with 23,621college credits through CollegeNow. 

Continued partnerships with Keuka College, SUNY Delhi, and Empire State College to provide a range of onsite and online baccalaureate programs for local students.

Saw financial aid applications increase again last year. 

Awarded 2,300 students book deferrals and processed more than $10 million in student loans.

Capacity Builders

Awarded more than $400,000 to our scholarship students.

Completed construction of a new solar array on campus that provides about 97 percent of the campus’s power.

Continued success with the Pathways scholarship program for adult students with the very generous support from Arthur Kuckes – totaling $10.5 million.

Offered opportunities for full-time and adjunct faculty and staff to build community while developing teaching methods and techniques at the College Teaching Center.

Began a professional development consortium with sister colleges – Onondaga Community College and Mohawk Valley Community College – focused on leadership development.

Organizational Alignment

Enhanced orientation programming for incoming students.

Continued to save money on energy, once again coming in well under budget.

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