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Dr. Lucille S. Baker Commons

Dr. Lucille S. Baker CommonsBaker Commons

It’s All Upstairs!

Returning students will notice some changes in the Baker Commons. All services that used to be at the first floor service desk have been moved upstairs to the Library. No more guessing where your reserve textbooks are – they’re all upstairs at the main Service Desk. Student printing is upstairs. There are printers (one black & white, one full-color) at the Service Desk, and a second black & white at the entrance to the Tutoring Center. You can send your print jobs to any printer from any computer in the Commons, upstairs or down. Tech Support has moved to Room 208.

The One-Stop Shop for Homework Help

Visit the new Tutoring Center for help with all your assignments. All Tutoring is now in one convenient location on the second floor. Our three tutoring areas are Math & Science, Writing & Research, and Accounting & Business. Tutors can also help you almost any course – just ask. If you are new to Tutoring services, our greeter will help you find the right person to meet your needs. Stop by our welcome desk to check it out. You can always see current Tutoring schedules online.


The TC3 Library provides students with research assistance and an array of other services.

Resources Writing and Research Center
Get It! - Information Delivery Study rooms


tutoringThe Baker Center for Learning offers free help for most courses offered at TC3. No appointment is necessary! Math & Science, Accounting & Business, Writing & Research, Study Skills and MUCH MORE!

Tutoring Schedules Online Tutoring
Becoming a Tutor Study Skills Assistance


Access and Equity Services is committed to providing access for students with disabilities.

Students who need Academic Adjustments to have equal access to classes and coursework will need to provide documentation of the disability.

We can help with the Transition from being a special education student to a student with a disability.

Click here to see the many Assistive Technologies available throughout the Baker Commons.

This office is a National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) voter registration site.

Baker Commons

The Baker Commons: more than the sum of its parts.

The Baker Commons provides holistic support for all of your academic needs. Within the Commons are tutors, librarians, computer specialists, and an array of other support staff members to help you.

A place to

Brainstorm writing ideas

Writing help for any class

Get study skills help by appointment

Research assistance

Print your work (color too!)


And a place to socialize or get a snack at the Fireside Café

Study Rooms

Want to form a study group? Need a quieter place to study? Study rooms are available for students' academic use throughout Baker Commons. Room keys may be checked out at the Library Services Desk or the First Floor Reception Desk using your TC3 card. You may do course work in the room for up to two hours. If the study rooms upstairs in the library are occupied (252A, F, J & K) - don't forget there are an additional four study rooms on the first floor of the Baker Commons (127A & B and 130C & F). You can even check for availability of all Baker Commons Group Study Rooms.



Commons resources

  • Computers and Laptops
  • Study rooms
  • Wireless network
  • Computer Classroom
  • Language Lab
  • Writing & Research Center
  • Solution Manuals for math, science and accounting
  • Copy machine / Scanner

Office tools

  • Calculator
  • Stapler
  • Paper-cutter
  • Three-hole punch

Specialized software

  • Premier (voice output)
  • Inspiration (idea mapping)
  • Zoom-Text (screen enlargement)