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Northeast Pediatrics

Our alums are everywhereNortheast Pediatrics

It shouldn't be too surprising to encounter a TC3 alum in our community: They're everywhere.

TC3 alums work in police departments, insurance agencies, local government, emergency rooms, banks, engineering firms, schools, and myriad more businesses. And, when they're not working, TC3 alums serve vital community roles in volunteer fire departments, Boy Scouts, sports, churches, and more.

So it's no surprise to find a TC3 grad at Northeast Pediatrics in Ithaca. But it is unique to find six alums all working in one office. Melissa Miller, a 2003 grad and coordinator of the practice, oversees Nikki Billings '10, Janna Hatfield '07, Emily Zieba '06, Cyndi Davis '08, and Tina Faulkner '08 as they provide professional caring service to families and children from the area.

"I go out of my way to hire TC3 grads," said Miller. "I know their commitment to professionalism."