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Program Description

Driven by the prestige and expertise of the largest university system in the United States, CollegeNow offers high school students the opportunity to earn college credit through online courses, the same courses offered to part-time and full-time TC3 students.

For High School Juniors and Seniors

These courses are taught online by TC3 faculty and are open to qualified high school juniors and seniors as well as TC3 students.

Reduced Tuition

Courses are offered at a reduced tuition to students at our partner high schools and carry full college credit from TC3. This tuition reduction recognizes the high school's role in providing a mentor and advising services.

High School Credit

Students may work with their high school to have these courses also approved for high school credit toward graduation. TC3 will not become involved in this process. It is between the student and the high school.

Academic Calendar

These online courses follow the TC3 academic calendar - not the high school's calendar. If students are contemplating enrolling in one of these courses, please note that our fall semester normally begins earlier than most high schools, and high school students are required to start the online class on the TC3 schedule. There may also be differences between TC3 vacation and semester breaks and those on high school calendars.


CollegeNow Online courses require high school students to have a school-based mentor. This can be a counselor or a high school teacher who is willing to commit to this role. Duties include: checking in with students during the first week of class to see that they have logged in and begun work on their course; checking in regularly through the semester to make sure students are managing time and assignments well and completing their work.

Strategies for Implementation

A CollegeNow partner school could simply make the CollegeNow Online course catalog available to juniors and seniors in the guidance office. They would inform juniors and seniors of the opportunity, but students would pay for the courses themselves. In this case, the school still provides a mentor and helps the student select the course, but the student makes the payment.

For more information on CollegeNow Online contact
Maria Nissi