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My Faculty Liaison

What is a Faculty Liaison?

A faculty liaison is a faculty member at Tompkins Cortland Community College, either full-time or adjunct, who is selected by his/her academic department to monitor the quality, consistency, and curricular alignment of concurrent enrollment classes that are awarding TC3 credits. The faculty liaison also works to improve overall communication and encourage dialogue between TC3 faculty and high school concurrent enrollment faculty to benefit teaching and learning.

Who is my Faculty Liaison?

Contact Renae Moore for your faculty liaison's contact information.

Online Resource for ENGL101 & ENGL102 Instructors

The ENGL department has created an online forum for instructor training, including specifics for concurrent enrollment instructors. You can access this site by going to and using the login id and password that has been provided to you. If you do not have a login id and password or are unable to locate it please contact Renae Moore.

This site has information for both college campus instructors and concurrent enrollment instructors. Because of all of the curriculum changes, there are modules with the most current updates for ENGL. 99, ENGL. 100, ENGL. 101, and ENGL. 102. Each module includes a master course syllabus, placement information, sample course outlines, recommended texts, final exam information, and in some cases, sample grading rubrics. The staff support module includes information on ESOL students, academic research, tutoring services, and plagiarism. Finally, there is a discussion board for all of us to share ideas, ask questions, make suggestions, and seek additional information. It will be monitored regularly by full-time English instructors to guarantee timely responses. The website will be updated as needed.